Crayola Crayon Coloring Page


Wally and Weezy hope that you enjoy this free Crayola Crayon characters coloring page. Click on the coloring page image below to download your own copy and join the fun!

Happy coloring!

We hope that you enjoy this free Crayola Crayon Characters coloring page!

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Crayola Crayon Coloring Video


In this video Wally and Weezy color the Crayola Crayon Characters! They had so much fun coloring this coloring page that they decided to share it with their friends. In other words, they not only made a video about coloring the Crayon Crayon characters but are also sharing the coloring page that they have created.

The idea for this Crayola Crayon coloring page


Wally and Weezy love to color. One of their favorite mediums to color with are crayons. Their favorite brand of crayons are Crayola. That’s why they decided to create a coloring page based on the four animated Crayola Crayon characters.

Here is a description of the four Crayola Crayon characters:


Crayola Crayons

  • Goldenrod or “Rod” for short: Rod is the yellow crayon that wears thick glasses. His personality is generally nervous which matches his shy and cautious personality.
  • Denim or “Denny” for short: Denny is the blue crayon and is the confident character of the group. He is a natural-born leader that is athletic and self-assured.
  • Scarlet: Scarlet is a confident red crayon. She doesn’t hold back her strong and loyal personality.
  • Asparagus or “Gus” for short: Gus is the goofy joker of the group. He has a chipped tooth. His expressive eyes reflect his positive personality.

The animated Crayola Characters were first featured in a TV commercial on Monday, November 14, 2016. This was a full 113 years from the time that Crayola began as a company. Wally and Weezy like the Crayola characters. Therefore, they decided to create a free coloring page featuring the Crayola Crayon characters for their internet friends!

About Crayola

Crayola LLC, is based in Easton, Pa. and is a subsidiary of Hallmark Cards, Incorporated. Crayola is a leader in children’s creative expression products. Crayola is known for the iconic Crayola Crayon first introduced in 1903. Interest consumers can find Crayola products in the “Crayola Aisle” at all major retailers.

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Have fun and happy coloring!

Love you!