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Cupcakes are a delicious treat that should be enjoyed in moderation. However, drawing and coloring cupcakes can be enjoyed anytime. One of Wally´s superpowers is drawing. He loves to draw and then color the world around him. In this video we watch Wally draw and color 15 cupcakes. You can download the corresponding coloring page here:

Watch the video and then download the coloring page below to join the fun!



Combining learning with fun!


Wally knows that kids have very short attention spans. Even though they love to learn they lack the focus to concentrate on activities that they do not find interesting. For this reason Wally draws and colors cupcakes in this episode. Wally knows that if he combines the topic of treats and counting that a lesson about counting is more likely to be a memorable experience for the child.

You can take advantage of this coloring page to create a teaching opportunity about colors and counting. This coloring page is a fun way to kids to explore their creative side as they also learn about colors.

The following is the way that Wally colors ice cream cones that he draws in the video. There is no right way to color the page. Kids should be encouraged to use their creativity and color the picture in any way that they find interesting and entertaining.

Cupcake Coloring Video


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We hope that you enjoy this episode as well as this coloring page!

Have fun and happy coloring!

Love you!