Numberjacks Colouring Pages


In this video Wally encourages kids to learn counting and have fun coloring numbers. Wally uses his drawing superpower to draw and color one of his favorite television shows. Join in the fun and download the coloring page and make your own masterpiece.

Download the Numberjacks coloring pages here:

Wally colors the Numberjacks coloring page.






Wally colors the Numberjacks

Wally colored the Numberjacks in the way that they appear in the series.

  • Zero (0) (light green)
  • One (1) (purple)
  • Two (2) (orange)
  • Three (3) (pink)
  • Four (4) (dark blue)
  • Five (5) (blue)
  • Six (6) (yellow)
  • Seven (7) (red)
  • Eight (8) (light blue)
  • Nine (9) (green)

He also colors their logo in the way that it appears in the show but encourages kids to use their own creativity when they color their page. They can use numbers, colors, as well as spelling and letters with this coloring page.

Numberjacks Coloring Videos


Hi Friends, watch Wally draw and color number characters 0 to 9 from the popular British Television series Numberjacks. Wally and Weezy are big fans of the Numberjacks! They love watching the Numberjacks as they fight the ProblemBblob, the Numbertaker, the Puzzler, etc… and save the day. This coloring page video was made in tribute to the show they love so much.

The Puzzler Coloring Video:

Wally and Weezy are big fans of the Numberjacks!

Wally and Weezy are big fans of the Numberjacks series on television. If you are not familiar with them they are animated characters (numbers 0 to 9) that live in an ordinary sofa. Wally in particular loves how they solve problems in the real world using analytical problem solving skills.  In the series, problems are either caused by one of the antagonists such as the Numbertaker or the the Spooky Spoon, or when one of the younger (numbers Zero, One, or Two) escape from the sofa and inadvertently make a mess of things. Problems are solved by using a magical force of power called Brain Gain. Wally and Weezy love the problem solving aspect of the show because it encourages learning.

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We hope that you enjoyed our video and colouring page!

Happy coloring!

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